Friday, August 22, 2008

Everything is FABULOUS.

It will be even more fabulous when Schneizel either:
a) nuke more stuff, preferably with Suzaku
b) go batshit, preferably with Suazku
c) take out Curly
d) take out Lelouch
e) talk Nina out of tablefucking by FABULOUSLY reviving Euphie
f) the second picture.

But he will probably do all except d) and e), in no particular order.

You see how Schneizel's hand isn't quite touching Kanon's ass? Instead of going back to fix that, I convinced myself with something MORE BETTER.

tl;dr: "...the real important question here is that if he uses this wishy washy 50% outlook for everything, then when he fucks Canon in the ass, does he only put his dick in 50% of the way up his ass or what?"

QFT, I fabulously concur.

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