Friday, August 8, 2008

A Nanaimo (or eight, well almost) in Victoria

i'm in ur capitol, eating ur bar.

OK, that's not true.Though we didn't visit Nanaimo, the lure of the legendary desert was too much. I was faithful to Cakespy's guide. To the Olde Time Deli!

Iz gud, I sayz.
Indeed, indeed it was. I found nothing to write home about (how ironic...) though, perhaps because I was never a huge fan of western deserts. Then again, this was also my first Nanaimo. I guess I will have to do a few (an underestimate, we find out later) more testing before rendering the verdict.

The last time I was in Victoria, I by-passed the Victoria Ice Cream & Fudge Factory with much regret, perhaps because then was April. In B.C, April is rarely a time for ice cream, I guess that was the reason in addition to the hurry I was in to browse Johnson St. in a one and a half hour time-crunch. This time it wasn't going to happen again. We came out with 6 Nanaimo Bars. Blimey!

They offered 6 flavours, but only 5 were seen (the cryptic Nanaimo... hmmm). If I remmembered (they were gone in no time, of course) correctly, we had the Irish Cream, Caramel, Peanut Butter, the Traditional (best tied with PB, no more of course) and one more that I don't recall (the mystery sickens...). They made a great snack while we waited for the ferry.

The overall texture and taste was very similar to the one from the Olde Time Deli, but the base was thicker (which I preferred, meaning I had to wash it down with less of the vileness known as black coffee), taking up about half of the bar while the previous, only one-third.

In Cakespy's review, the Nanaimo that "got away" was apparently a blond (what's a classic mystery without one?) from the Bond Bond's Bakery . I had never intended to stop by, but I discovered it by chance while heading down Blanshard. I had already crossed the street but my tingling NB senses dragged me back. Examining the tantilizing pastry case, there were plenty of NB's (brunets, albeit... even a PB variety... tempting) but no sexy blonds in sight! What horror! I inquired, a little desperately at the bakery clerk, and was told there were none...

And Then There Were None...
Right, right, that's enough references to mystery novels.

Bummer! They had ran out.
Sigh...back to the hotel to finish the other six!

Honestly, I didn't eat six of them in one sitting.
Thank goodnessToo bad I'm going vegitan... gotta make up for it, you know.

Olde Time Deli
1009 Government St

Victoria Ice Cream & Fudge Factory
905 Government Street

Bond Bond's: More Than a Bakery
1010 Blanshard Street

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