Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sometimes I forget the "Draws" comes first.

So here is an art dump to make up for it. Plus, Prismacolor have an amazing way of driving me batshit insane.

Story: I started this in April. I finished it last night. That's enough story.
I started with a 0.5 mechanical pencil, also a tool of batshit-insanity. You see, like Lelouch the douche, my pencil is a doubled-identity superpower. Kicking Scantron-asses in the morning, and the accomplice of an old perverted man Lucy at night.

But like using any other batshit-insanity-inducing-art-supplies, great power comes with great responsibility. Alas, I was unable to contain such power.

This pic drove me

But of course, that wasn't even near my past extremes, non non mes cheris...

Ack, never again... maybe.

Time: Me batshit-insane brain lost count.
Dimensions: 8.5 x 11
Tools: 0.5 SUPA batshit-insanity-inducing mechanical pencil, Prismacolor Premier pencils (Apple Green PC912, True Blue PC903, Goldenrod PC1034, Sienna Brown PC945, Peach PC939, Black PC935, Crimson Red PC924, Pink PC929, Colorless Blender)

And a post-scanning quickie PS for background. At least my brain isn't completely batshit, or else I'd penciled the mother... (see BATSHIT INSANE)

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