Thursday, August 21, 2008

YEA YEA YEA Larabars! (spaz)

OMG OMG OMG I haven't posted in so long because I got these really awesome books from the library and have been reading non-stop for like 8 hours a day tell you about it later kthxby- SPAZ SPAZ SPAZ etc.

Last Thursday I went to Metro and Richmond and had the best ever time, like, ever. Who says shopping can't fill that pathetic, pissy, PSMing void of your soul? Went to pick up stuff I ordered on Mallvibes (awesome, and pimpin' it) from Forever21's online store. Random impulse buys like a pink gingham headband only 5-year old sexually-confused little boys would wear along with a tutu? Nonsense.

Dropped lots of munny (lots... :<) on a sale at Plen+y, and then busted my ass over to Richmond, for Daiso. Yay Daiso! (further spaz) I bought the most ridiculously cute pink bento box (that makes me go "<3",>for like half an hour which unfortunately was rather small, with some older issues of Biblos, Beboys, and such. Ahem. But most importantly, I was looking for Code Geass Knight.

Being the eccentric, non-Japanese-reading, flamboyant geek that I am, I asked the lovely cashier to help me, and help she did! Wasn't my first time of course, shamelessly asking for Japanese language assistance for the purpose of locating gay pr0n EDUCATION. Once at BookOff (believe it or not there is one in Vancouver), I had the most hilarious (read, awkward) time finding BL. I located the nearest young, female staff (didn't thunk that dude with a grey 'stache there reads BL) and asked for "YAOI". I was met with confusion. "Boy's Love?" Nope. "...BL? Beeee... Aaaal..." Wut? "Boizu.... Rabu..." Oh! Might have an idea...? Anyways, the ending was happy, I found my Boizu Rabu.

OK end with that random spaz. Unfortunately they only have volume 3 in stock. Ugh. Though they had many volumes of Nightmare of Nunally, but meh, do not want. Suppose I will have to hunt down the other 3 volumes through YesAsia or the like.

By the way, I'm glad I dropped all that munny on a book I can't read (all the more fabulous, right) because according to my ninja-math skillz, the ratio of flipping the pages and stumbling upon Schneizel (more on a batshit fangirl post later) was 1:8. HRM.

Tell you about Larabars some other time, then.

= :)

Will spaz more on this later.

I assure you won't see Waldo, but if you're anything like me you should see something else. I kind of like it when nature takes care of them Photoshop bsns for me.

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