Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I missed the party. Also party-goers' Parliament garbage.

Actually, you can't really miss the Parliament's garbage. We pay them to sit and rot daily in the Legislative Chamber. On a lighter note, I'm going to Victoria tomorrow. Will be back to catch the Olympics' Opening Ceremonies and public beatings of Tibetans.

Research, of course, is vital.

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Eina said...

Omg Nanaimo Bars, I love those! Have fun in Victoria!

Haahaha, and yes, I'm going to be going to AE. Are you? If you are, feel free to snatch me away LOL. I'm going to be with 4 guys. One is apparently going to wear a horse mask. I'm scared to call these people friends LOL.

Haha but srsly, if you're going we could meet up or something. I don't care if you drag me to some yaoi-related event HAHA. XD