Sunday, August 31, 2008

Code Geass R2 21


Why is Schneizel in Cambodia again?
Khmer Rouge?!?!11

Can anyone really take a season 3 of Lelouch v. Schneizel? On the other hand, there must be a reason for "why the combined screen time of the real final boss in 2 Goddamn seasons < 10 minutes". Unless, of course, Sunrise is going to spam Schneizel left right and center in the last three episodes, which I'm hoping for. Either that, or a NEW SEASON OF FABULOUSITY.
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Saturday, August 30, 2008


So hard.

4chan, I want my life back :D
Actual read-worthy entries can wait.

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Friday, August 22, 2008

Everything is FABULOUS.

It will be even more fabulous when Schneizel either:
a) nuke more stuff, preferably with Suzaku
b) go batshit, preferably with Suazku
c) take out Curly
d) take out Lelouch
e) talk Nina out of tablefucking by FABULOUSLY reviving Euphie
f) the second picture.

But he will probably do all except d) and e), in no particular order.

You see how Schneizel's hand isn't quite touching Kanon's ass? Instead of going back to fix that, I convinced myself with something MORE BETTER.

tl;dr: "...the real important question here is that if he uses this wishy washy 50% outlook for everything, then when he fucks Canon in the ass, does he only put his dick in 50% of the way up his ass or what?"

QFT, I fabulously concur.

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Where'd all the PB go?

Why, to the Vegan PB & J Sandwich Ice Cream, of course.

For Peanut Butter Boy's Great Peanut Butter Exhibition #4... the theme is no-bake! How exciting! I can't wait to see what wonderful entries the other contestants have whipped up.

Yes, the "sandwich" comes before the "ice cream".

Makes 1 scant quart

3/4 cup peanut butter (I used smooth natural no-salt sugar-free)
3 cups soy milk (or any non-dairy milk)
1/2 cup sugar
1/4 tsp. salt (I used fleur de sel. Reduce amount if using table salt; omit if using salted PB)
1 tbsp. agar agar (from Asian grocery stores)

1/2 - 3/4 cup jam, any flavour (I used strawberry)
2 slices whole-grain bread, crusts removed (or keep them, your call) and torn into small pieces

In a saucepan, bring the soy milk and sugar to a gentle boil over medium heat. Add the agar agar and stir, for a few minutes until completely dissolved. Remove from heat.

Stir in the peanut butter and salt, if using.

Cool the mixture to room temperature. It should resemble a pudding-like consistency. Refrigerate it overnight.

After removing from the fridge, stir the PB mixture vigorously and pour it into your ice cream machine. It doesn't take very long, about 15 minutes, so this is great for the impatient (aren't we all?)

When the ice cream is ready, fold in the jam and bread piece by using a wooden spoon, or alternatively, adding the ingredients in small batches while operating the motor intermittently.

Yay! Totally vegan PB & J sandwich ice cream. I wish I could write more in terms of instruction, but m' afraid this really can't get any more simple. I'm very pleased with the texture. I've always stayed away from non-dairy ice cream before becoming completely vegetarian, but now that I have no choice other than to embrace it... this isn't bad! In fact, it's pretty awesome. I've always been scared of the "soy/rice/hemp/almond aftertaste" in mock-dairy, but I gotta admit, this isn't far from the real thing, if not better than.

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

For a very special friend...

This is a shout-out for my 腐女子 special, special buddy Vian, who is in volunteering in Africa right now!!! Bless her brave soul, and I miss her very much. I wish I had the courage to do what she is doing right now. Vian, if you're reading this, just want you to know you're doing an awesome job and your friend Lucy is proud of you and can't wait to see you again!

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srs bsns, guyz

My vegan diet is going freaking awesome. I'm not missing milk, cheese, yogurt, eggs, whatever. Actually, now that I think about those days it feels kind of gross. My skin is the first difference I noticed, which also means I probably won't be wearing skin make up, seeing as good vegan cosmetic is hard as hell to come by already. All non-vegan make-up is saturated with rendered animal fats mixed with poop (yay, poop!), but I'll gross you guys out some other day.

In terms of food, I barely felt like "giving up" anything. Trust me, I have a huge waiting list of recipes and foods I'd love to try. Most importantly, my ice-cream machine isn't any less loved. Soy milk, nut butter, and a little bit of agar agar (I love that word...) makes yum yum. I haven't tried seitan, tempeh, and TVP yet. I'm not too big on analogues/mock meats, since I'm those people who gets grossed out about eating meat (red meat, especially) even before I became vegetarian.

I found a brand of soy-cheese, and it's actually quite good! But unfortunately, I was fooled by the grand imge of "soy" cheese (read, vegan) and neglected to read the ingredients. Casein, a milk protein, was along the list... darn. Well, lesson well learned. I'll pick up some nutritional yeast to try when I get the chance.

Making the vegan switch actually broadened my menu. Things I thought I'd only try once in a while in restaurants, especially ethinic and regional cuisine, I learned to make and love and enjoy at home, every day and every night. I'd never thought I'd eat Mexican, Middle-Eastern, Chinese, Indian, and so much more every day of the week. It's wonderful!

At first I switched to vegan for personal-health benefits. Then I began to read about ethical, environmental, and political issues. It's quite mind-opening! I felt, slightly better, that I read about them after cutting out animal foods from my diet, because if it was any other wise, I'd feel so much more guilty and horrible about myself as a human being.

I understand a lot of young vegans meet difficulty when their non-veg family try to cope with the fact. To my parents' credit, they are awesome and totally OK with it. Though my mom still questions my choice of lifestyle, she would never interfere with it (doesn't mean she won't eat my FABULOUS vegan cooking). I have a own set of cookware, and cooking for one is seriously fun.

Aside from food, everyday shopping for house-hold item and clothing become tests. While I have always been pretentious about label-reading, I suppose I will have to work even harder now. Once again, living with my non-vegan family is a conundrum. Can really convince my Chinese-mum to buy that 4 dollar bar of vegetable soap, or that 6 dollar vegan toothpaste? If you think I can, you frankly don't know Chinese mom's. All can say is, I'm working on it. When it comes to clothing, it's rather straightforward to identify animal sources, so I'm not particularly worried about that.

Some people have negative perceptions about vegetarians, vegans in particular because of their "radical" diet habits. Hippie stereotypes (actually, I'd take it personally as a compliment) aside, non-veg*ns perceive vegans are elitists. Even though my transition from a meat-eater to vegan took barely three months, I can't help but silently judge my meat-eating friends. Is that wrong? Absolutely, and that's all I can say. But will that make me stop making and keeping my non-veg*n friends because everything ultimately (shouldn't) comes down to eating habits? Oh, pshaw, far from it. Though, will I occasional gross you out? You bet.

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YEA YEA YEA Larabars! (spaz)

OMG OMG OMG I haven't posted in so long because I got these really awesome books from the library and have been reading non-stop for like 8 hours a day tell you about it later kthxby- SPAZ SPAZ SPAZ etc.

Last Thursday I went to Metro and Richmond and had the best ever time, like, ever. Who says shopping can't fill that pathetic, pissy, PSMing void of your soul? Went to pick up stuff I ordered on Mallvibes (awesome, and pimpin' it) from Forever21's online store. Random impulse buys like a pink gingham headband only 5-year old sexually-confused little boys would wear along with a tutu? Nonsense.

Dropped lots of munny (lots... :<) on a sale at Plen+y, and then busted my ass over to Richmond, for Daiso. Yay Daiso! (further spaz) I bought the most ridiculously cute pink bento box (that makes me go "<3",>for like half an hour which unfortunately was rather small, with some older issues of Biblos, Beboys, and such. Ahem. But most importantly, I was looking for Code Geass Knight.

Being the eccentric, non-Japanese-reading, flamboyant geek that I am, I asked the lovely cashier to help me, and help she did! Wasn't my first time of course, shamelessly asking for Japanese language assistance for the purpose of locating gay pr0n EDUCATION. Once at BookOff (believe it or not there is one in Vancouver), I had the most hilarious (read, awkward) time finding BL. I located the nearest young, female staff (didn't thunk that dude with a grey 'stache there reads BL) and asked for "YAOI". I was met with confusion. "Boy's Love?" Nope. "...BL? Beeee... Aaaal..." Wut? "Boizu.... Rabu..." Oh! Might have an idea...? Anyways, the ending was happy, I found my Boizu Rabu.

OK end with that random spaz. Unfortunately they only have volume 3 in stock. Ugh. Though they had many volumes of Nightmare of Nunally, but meh, do not want. Suppose I will have to hunt down the other 3 volumes through YesAsia or the like.

By the way, I'm glad I dropped all that munny on a book I can't read (all the more fabulous, right) because according to my ninja-math skillz, the ratio of flipping the pages and stumbling upon Schneizel (more on a batshit fangirl post later) was 1:8. HRM.

Tell you about Larabars some other time, then.

= :)

Will spaz more on this later.

I assure you won't see Waldo, but if you're anything like me you should see something else. I kind of like it when nature takes care of them Photoshop bsns for me.

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Friday, August 15, 2008

Do... want?

Before I went vegan, of course.

Via Serious Eats.

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Thursday, August 14, 2008


his hair-waxer's #.

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Sometimes I forget the "Draws" comes first.

So here is an art dump to make up for it. Plus, Prismacolor have an amazing way of driving me batshit insane.

Story: I started this in April. I finished it last night. That's enough story.
I started with a 0.5 mechanical pencil, also a tool of batshit-insanity. You see, like Lelouch the douche, my pencil is a doubled-identity superpower. Kicking Scantron-asses in the morning, and the accomplice of an old perverted man Lucy at night.

But like using any other batshit-insanity-inducing-art-supplies, great power comes with great responsibility. Alas, I was unable to contain such power.

This pic drove me

But of course, that wasn't even near my past extremes, non non mes cheris...

Ack, never again... maybe.

Time: Me batshit-insane brain lost count.
Dimensions: 8.5 x 11
Tools: 0.5 SUPA batshit-insanity-inducing mechanical pencil, Prismacolor Premier pencils (Apple Green PC912, True Blue PC903, Goldenrod PC1034, Sienna Brown PC945, Peach PC939, Black PC935, Crimson Red PC924, Pink PC929, Colorless Blender)

And a post-scanning quickie PS for background. At least my brain isn't completely batshit, or else I'd penciled the mother... (see BATSHIT INSANE)

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hola! Hola!

Them pretty cathedral and castle thingums can, like, wait.

The first grub spot we hit was Hernade'z in St. Andrew Square, beside the St. Andrew's Roman Catholic Cathedral.

The interior is very funky and vibrant, with lively Latino music, some real eye-catching artwork (talk about Spanish surrealism! Also some cool Catholic vibes... for geeks, that's a chapel and a Mexican catacomb in one), and two very friendly Spanish-speaking fellas, whom I assumed were brothers and owners of the spot, but don't let the family-owned impression get you. This place was pretty much packed, yet the two never misses a "gracias" or "hola senor".

Since we were on the run to cover the rest of Downtown, we ordered from the express menu (they also had a "slow food" menu, for the patient few). For vegetarian fair, the basics were bean burritos, bean and rice burritos, or the deluxe with guacamole, cheese, sour cream and other goodies. We opt for the second to share, since our sources tell us the serving size is generous.

For three bucks each, it was awesome to say the least! The beans were very flavourful and complimented (melded into, actually) the rice. Bonus, it was topped with a generous amount of microgreens! Yum.

And the portion size? Perfect for sharing on the go. We were filled, but not stuffed, which was good since 4 hours of walking waited upon us. For hungry (and broke?) girls and boys, they have $5 for 5 tacos on the "Slow Food" menu.

735 Yates St.

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Saturday, August 9, 2008

If I had to eat icing sugar and butter by the spoonful...

Yea, that would be absolutely disgusting.

Now fudge, on the other hand...

My sources tell me Fat Phege's fudge is good, like, very very good. Located in the Market Square, the heart of Olde Victoria, Fat Phege's is a charming little piece of history, much like many other stores in downtown Vic.

The selection of confections and other yummy goodies dazzled me. They even had penuche! However, they were sold by the 1/2 lb. blocks (ranging from $5.50 to $6.50 per 225 grams, weighted on the scale). As much as I wanted to buy the whole store, ending up with 20 pounds of fudge didn't seem like the brighted idea... I had to slap my inner-sugar addict (this 3-feet tall little maniac with pigtails, a maniacal grin, and a diabolical glint in her little eyes) and settled, hestantly, on a lovely block of (surprise) peanut butter chocolate fudge.

Not wanting to wait any further, I almost dashed out the door, but not before the kind little old lady at the cash register pointed me to a bundle of plastic knives. "These'll make sharing easier," she informed. Sharing?

"What sharing?" says the little 3-feet tall sugar-demon. I told the cashier I won't be sharing them, but reluctantly took the damned utensil anyways.

The PB fudge is very creamy... but not as peanut-buttery (Webster, bishplz) as I had hoped. Furthermore, a tad too sweet! I know, I know, I should be complaining when the primary ingredient is icing sugar. I'd liked it a little more salty, maybe with some kosher salt or fleur de sel. The chocolate section was quite alright, because, well, it's difficult to fudge up plain, chocolate fudge. It was very similar to my home-made recipes, so, no-brainer I suppose.

Anyways, I was expecting some sort of gourmet, outta-this-world experience, but I suppose the old-school candy-store experience sufficed.

The website shows their on-site fudge-making, very cool! And they offer mail-orders!

Fat Phege's Fudge Factory
134-560 Johnson Street
Victoria, BC V8W 3C6 Get Directions
(250) 383-3435

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Friday, August 8, 2008

A Nanaimo (or eight, well almost) in Victoria

i'm in ur capitol, eating ur bar.

OK, that's not true.Though we didn't visit Nanaimo, the lure of the legendary desert was too much. I was faithful to Cakespy's guide. To the Olde Time Deli!

Iz gud, I sayz.
Indeed, indeed it was. I found nothing to write home about (how ironic...) though, perhaps because I was never a huge fan of western deserts. Then again, this was also my first Nanaimo. I guess I will have to do a few (an underestimate, we find out later) more testing before rendering the verdict.

The last time I was in Victoria, I by-passed the Victoria Ice Cream & Fudge Factory with much regret, perhaps because then was April. In B.C, April is rarely a time for ice cream, I guess that was the reason in addition to the hurry I was in to browse Johnson St. in a one and a half hour time-crunch. This time it wasn't going to happen again. We came out with 6 Nanaimo Bars. Blimey!

They offered 6 flavours, but only 5 were seen (the cryptic Nanaimo... hmmm). If I remmembered (they were gone in no time, of course) correctly, we had the Irish Cream, Caramel, Peanut Butter, the Traditional (best tied with PB, no more of course) and one more that I don't recall (the mystery sickens...). They made a great snack while we waited for the ferry.

The overall texture and taste was very similar to the one from the Olde Time Deli, but the base was thicker (which I preferred, meaning I had to wash it down with less of the vileness known as black coffee), taking up about half of the bar while the previous, only one-third.

In Cakespy's review, the Nanaimo that "got away" was apparently a blond (what's a classic mystery without one?) from the Bond Bond's Bakery . I had never intended to stop by, but I discovered it by chance while heading down Blanshard. I had already crossed the street but my tingling NB senses dragged me back. Examining the tantilizing pastry case, there were plenty of NB's (brunets, albeit... even a PB variety... tempting) but no sexy blonds in sight! What horror! I inquired, a little desperately at the bakery clerk, and was told there were none...

And Then There Were None...
Right, right, that's enough references to mystery novels.

Bummer! They had ran out.
Sigh...back to the hotel to finish the other six!

Honestly, I didn't eat six of them in one sitting.
Thank goodnessToo bad I'm going vegitan... gotta make up for it, you know.

Olde Time Deli
1009 Government St

Victoria Ice Cream & Fudge Factory
905 Government Street

Bond Bond's: More Than a Bakery
1010 Blanshard Street

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I missed the party. Also party-goers' Parliament garbage.

Actually, you can't really miss the Parliament's garbage. We pay them to sit and rot daily in the Legislative Chamber. On a lighter note, I'm going to Victoria tomorrow. Will be back to catch the Olympics' Opening Ceremonies and public beatings of Tibetans.

Research, of course, is vital.

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Sunday, August 3, 2008


I was like, 'fk'n seriously?'
Oh yea, can Ollie stick in some Donald Rumsfeld on Dick Cheney action?

Holy crap did I just type that?
Rummy must be played by Jared Leto and Dick Cheney has to be portrayed by Francisco Bosch in a mini-toga.

What are you talking about? He was born to play fat republicans.
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Saturday, August 2, 2008

who sez i nevr drw wimmins?!: An Informational Timeline.

I have come across many, many people who are bewildered by my reluctance to draw wimmins. You guys are observant geniuses, and this post is for you. Most readers will find this entry mind-bogglingly educational. I apologize.

Some old art dump from 2 years ago.
Conclusive evidences of Lucy drawing wimmins: Confidential and for your (by you I mean the Interweb) eyes only, after the jump.

Lucy learned the female anatomy. Timestamp is July, 2006. Take notes, will you?

Lucy is learning the female anatomy through Bram Stoker's Dracula in an English class, March, 2007. Yes, it's indeed a head-scratcher.

And Lucy betters the female anatomy exactly one year after the infamous "Blue Boobs".

Finally, Lucy perfects the female anatomy.


So where is Lucy today on wimmins and the female anatomy?
A thousand words, peeps (pun intended).

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