Sunday, September 28, 2008

First I was like >:(

then I LOL'd.

RAGE at R2 25 >:(
...until I went on /a/.

Wasn't Schneizel the Prime Minister to begin with? Now he's still (?) the Prime Minister, but with a snazzier outfit. GAIN (over the span of two fucking seasons)!!!

Embrace the incoherency...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Capitalist Pigs

No, really... are those coming off later to sell hundreds of thousands? Count me out.

And mostly unrelated, other than I LOL'd pretty hard like a snorting pig:

Embrace the incoherency...

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I neeeed this

Need this need this need this.

(Yay there are two copies at Metrotown Chapter's :D)

Embrace the incoherency...

Fall's bounty

"2. Kabocha: If ye ol’ American orange variety of the pumpkin is starting to bore you, there’s always the Japanese version! It’s an election year; I say let’s try to reinvent the local varieties before looking abroad."

Number two on Serious Eats' WJS's Ten Foods to Eat This Fall, and unfortunately the only thing on the last I have in my produce drawer... My mom insisted on buying them for some reason. OK, never mind, they were on sale at T&T. I was scratching my head about what the hell to do with them, but luckily, salvation occurred in the form of a recipe from Veganomicon (underlining, courtesy of my English teacher) : Kabocha-Udon Winter Soup (ignore the Winter part). I'll make a batch of those tomorrow afternoon.

I need to try some rutabaga and quince, next.

Embrace the incoherency...

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Ok, Ok, Ok... I just paid for and submitted the custom order for my prom dress.

Anyways, graduation is half-assed srs bsns. Half assed, but srs. I'm going Elegant Gothic Lolita, with painful platform mary-janes.

P.S. Vian ILU tooooo! I will be your prom date WETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT and we can be EGL together. Don't kill yourself with IB before we get there mmm'k hun.


EDIT, Google Image lol: "EGL"

Embrace the incoherency...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Obligatory brag

Be still, my beating heart... I totally wasn't expecting my first food-blog contest entry to get anywhere, especially not first place...!

Thanks Nick! Let the good times roll (like a pig in peanut butter... wait, that's me).

Embrace the incoherency...



Oh Germany, why are you so GAR? Japan is so moe, as expected. And Italy is just, Italy...
Learning about pre-WWI in history class wants me to draw Germany beating the crap out of Italy. Yea, that's hot.

Honestly, if Britain and America were anthropomorphized into a gay couple, I would never have thunk that Britain would be the one to take it from the behind. How's that for international relations? Britain's tightened fist must be an allusion to... er... um... Bono's ass, yea.

To bad my country's not important enough on the international scale to have its own anthromorphisized anime-style representation.

Oh, wait... what if Billy Bishop had a kid with a polar bear fetish...

Oh WAIT. (this would've depressed the daylight out of me if I saw it during the games...)

OHWAI- (now I can't go to Washington without giggling)

I wanna design characters for provinces and territories... ain't I a Canadian nerd? :D

Embrace the incoherency...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The cake is a delicious lie...

My house smells like chooooo~colate, at almost midnight on a weekday.
Thank you Dessert Mag.

Excuse me while I go and burn my friggin' tongue off :9

Embrace the incoherency...

Friday, September 5, 2008

Hot Schneizel dub is hot


Apparently, he also VA for Abel from Trinity Blood (who's also pretty FABULOUS, but not on par with Schneizel, obviously) and Yuri from Tales of Vesperia (will be FABULOUS in North America, soon).


Embrace the incoherency...