Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hola! Hola!

Them pretty cathedral and castle thingums can, like, wait.

The first grub spot we hit was Hernade'z in St. Andrew Square, beside the St. Andrew's Roman Catholic Cathedral.

The interior is very funky and vibrant, with lively Latino music, some real eye-catching artwork (talk about Spanish surrealism! Also some cool Catholic vibes... for geeks, that's a chapel and a Mexican catacomb in one), and two very friendly Spanish-speaking fellas, whom I assumed were brothers and owners of the spot, but don't let the family-owned impression get you. This place was pretty much packed, yet the two never misses a "gracias" or "hola senor".

Since we were on the run to cover the rest of Downtown, we ordered from the express menu (they also had a "slow food" menu, for the patient few). For vegetarian fair, the basics were bean burritos, bean and rice burritos, or the deluxe with guacamole, cheese, sour cream and other goodies. We opt for the second to share, since our sources tell us the serving size is generous.

For three bucks each, it was awesome to say the least! The beans were very flavourful and complimented (melded into, actually) the rice. Bonus, it was topped with a generous amount of microgreens! Yum.

And the portion size? Perfect for sharing on the go. We were filled, but not stuffed, which was good since 4 hours of walking waited upon us. For hungry (and broke?) girls and boys, they have $5 for 5 tacos on the "Slow Food" menu.

735 Yates St.

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