Thursday, September 11, 2008



Oh Germany, why are you so GAR? Japan is so moe, as expected. And Italy is just, Italy...
Learning about pre-WWI in history class wants me to draw Germany beating the crap out of Italy. Yea, that's hot.

Honestly, if Britain and America were anthropomorphized into a gay couple, I would never have thunk that Britain would be the one to take it from the behind. How's that for international relations? Britain's tightened fist must be an allusion to... er... um... Bono's ass, yea.

To bad my country's not important enough on the international scale to have its own anthromorphisized anime-style representation.

Oh, wait... what if Billy Bishop had a kid with a polar bear fetish...

Oh WAIT. (this would've depressed the daylight out of me if I saw it during the games...)

OHWAI- (now I can't go to Washington without giggling)

I wanna design characters for provinces and territories... ain't I a Canadian nerd? :D

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