Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fangirling? I have not heard of such a word.

(the music is strange... nothing unbearable, but strange)

...Or have I?
OH.MY.GOD. Finally, Square-Enix is revealing more about Versus. Wait, this is a leaked video, never mind. I am mad excited about Versus. Who cares about FFXIII? Huh? Huh? Huh? Yes, I'm talking to the Lightning fanboys (hell, why are you here in the first place).

You know why I'm excited about Versus?

It's because of this group of incredibly dashing douchebags.

Especially the king of all douches.

And man hugs, especially man hugs.

Too bad none of them have real names... imagine their conversations.

Shotgun Guy: Why can't you be gentle in public :(
Scarred Face Guy: Only in bed, because I'm a douche, like you.
Driver (glasses guy): I must keep a pokerface... I broke my Dolce&Gabbana frames and I can't let my enemies see my weakness. (sniffle)

...Getting carried away there.

Seriously though, the concept of modern technology versus traditional combat (origin of game name?) is pretty kick-ass. I'm very curious about the white-robed figure... will see how it plays out when Versus hits store shelves, hopefully (yea right) by Christmas.

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