Thursday, July 24, 2008

About Layout:

It's certainly summer appropriate, isn't it? Something I pulled out of my sketchbook from grade 10 art class (honestly, little productivity came from art 10... art class of any sort, matter of fact).

Now that I look back at my work from a couple of years ago (courtesy of finally cleaning my room, of course), my art style really, REALLY changed, a lot. I think, mainly from improvements, and I'm glad that my previous works look like crap . (more on that in another post)

Making of the layout after the jump.

There he is, pure, unadulterated and fresh off the scanner. Comparison to post-pink massacre.

The text bubble contains some transliterated German non-sense (look it up if you're curious), because both words begin with an H. Yay! Added the "verboten" hip tattoo/scribble post-scanning.

Only 7 layers! Do I deserve a hand or what? Massive-layer abuse to come in future posts.

Think I'll keep this for a while... well, maybe not until Christmas (but why wouldn't you want him around for Christmas?) but we'll have to see about that :)

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