Monday, October 20, 2008

Hot damn,

Amanda Marcotte used "douche", "douchbag", and "douchebaggery" multiple times too, like, half a dozen times in one page!

...but I digress.

Since I try to make at least SOME of my post not a complete waste of the cyberspace, speak now or forever hold your argyle-induced blue balls, my friends.


Do we really need initials/last names? Though I can how you can get your shirt mixed up in some other team member's laundry. Shudder. We can replace the DT namesake with First Initial. Last Name, if your ego exceeds, well, everything else.

Is that infantile domestic flightless avian slightly less artistically offensive than the douchebag that is our current school logo?

The argyle, stay or go? (Can we at least give the ILLUSION that we're a classy school? Save your "LOL's" regarding that comment.)

Before anyone asks, if you want me to change the design on the account that it's too girly, I will come up to you personally and rip away some precious body part. Yes, I do know your student number. No, girls put up with way too much macho bullshit to hear you whine.

In all seriousness, I've decide to go with Spreadshirt as our provider.

The cheapest option I've found is $15 dollars (lightweight tee) for doubled sided graphics. AA tee's would end up at around $25 a pop, and there are many, MANY other options (no kidding).
There is also the option of have emblems on the sleeve(s).

Well, what do you folks think?


the hyper girl at r4dt said...

Je t'aime
much better than the other design

the r4dt girl who tries to control everyone said...

Agreed :)