Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mind block

I really should be working on an essay proposal about the Cold War and American popular culture, but side-stops are always welcomed before my brain celles end up in hell.

Guess I don't need to hit my ratty, choclate stained Social Studies 11 workbook for the Begbie prep blahblahexcuseblahexcuseexcuse.

History Bites is totally my favorite TV show (that I don't watch on TV....) right now. I try to only watch the ones relating to 16C - 19C European History because they help me with my AP studies (and provide much lulz) but all the episodes are extremely amusing, it's really hard not to waste precious pre-exam time on them OTL...

One of my favorites is the complete episode from season 5 that parodied The Osbournes with the Borgia family (The Osborgias, hurr). Though I had a much more attractive image of Cesare (Yuu Higuri's Canterella, insert long dreamy sigh...) in mind than anyone or anything that remotely resembles Jack Osbourne.

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